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February 29, 2024 (Thursday)
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Air conditioner installation, maintenance and repair
Building filter systems
Freezer room implementation

Air conditioner installation, maintenance and repair

Survive the in-between autumn and spring seasons with low energy-cost inverter split air conditioners!

Energy efficient solution

Traditional air conditioner units work by switching either on or off, thus making room temperature uneven and fluctuating – with a high energy cost involved. Our company offers inverter technology air conditioner units to our customers – that not only reach the desired temperature faster but also save money and you can avoid the inconvenient temperature fluctuations as well.

Heating/cooling energy efficiently!

The essence of the inverter technology is RPM regulation. In traditional air conditioners, compressors will switch off after they cooled or heated the room to the desired temperature. Inverter air conditoners set themselves to lower RPMs, so we can achieve 30-40% energy savings. We only need the full AC capacity very rarely. The constant on/off switches cost more electricity according to the surveys than a continuously regulated operation. Units with a 2,5 kW cooling output can heat or cool approx. 20-25 m2 rooms.


Request our quote and we provide a free on-spot assessment!

1.) Assess the location

During the assessment our colleague examines the peculiarities of the building, combines them with your needs and will recommend you the most optimal air conditioner unit!

To choose the best air conditioner, you have to rely on an expert, as you have to consider multiple factors to get the most optimal product. It is important to know the locality of the windows or whether the area is in a sunlit or a shadowly location.
- The direction of the place (north-south, etc.), sunshine, screening.
- Other heat-producing units in the building.
- Flat altitude (attic, ground floor, etc...), etc..

2.) Request for quotation

After the free on-spot assessment, our colleague decides upon the most optimal air conditioner unit. It is of utmost importance that you get the most optimal one - , if you choose a model with a low output, you will not be able to heat or cool the room properly. Units with a too high output produce unnecessary energy cost.

3.) Installation

If you have accepted our quote, our colleagues will start installing the units. The installing phase ends with the test of the air conditioner units.

4.) Maintenance

Depending on the manufacturer, AC units have a guarantee of 1-3 years. It’s worth maintaining them twice every year. Our colleagues can also be of your service with maintenance as well.


After the guarantee has worn off, your AC units might end up failing. Our company can also help you with repairing the AC units. Contact us if this happens! For more information please don’t hesitate to contact our colleagues!

Building filter systems

Clean air at home, in the office, in health facilities!

Air conditioners not only heat or cool room temperature, they also clean the air that flows right through them. The air coming from outdoors contains unwanted dust and other allergens that we often breathe in. Air conditioners are great tools in cleaning the air so that we can enjoy the highest possible quality of clean air in our living or working environments.

Our AC units include pre-, mid- or sterile (HEPA) filters that match the applicable regulations.

Pre- and mid-filters

These filter out the bigger dust particles, molds and various fluffs in the air.

Sterile filters

The powerful cleaning mechanism of the sterile filters doesn’t only filter the dust particles and allergens but the bacteria as well.

Apart from units filtering bacteria and allergens, we also have negative ionizers, pollen and scent filtering equipment in our repertoire.

In health facilities it is very important that we filter both the harmful materials coming from the outside and the contaminants coming from the inside: bacteria and microorganisms that bind to the dust particles in the air. Our sterile filters can handle this as well.

For more information please don’t hesitate to contact our colleagues!

Freezer room implementation

Cooling technology is our other field of activity apart from AC technology. Cooling technology is the basis of air conditioner technology, so by continuously keeping ourselves up-to-date and following the latest technical trends, our expertise also extends to cooling technology.

We implement freezer room technology in various areas, from food freezing, vegetable or fruit storing, confectionery, medicine freezing or the freezing of other meat processing products.

For more information please don’t hesitate to contact our colleagues!

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